Année 2018–2019

2018/10/02 : Alejandro RIVERA

Jian Ding, Ofer Zeitouni, Fuxi Zhang, Heat kernel for Liouville Brownian motion and Liouville graph distance,

2018/10/09 : Romain DURAND

Ahad N. Zehmakan, Two Phase Transitions in Two-way Bootstrap Percolation,

2018/10/16 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Andrea Collevecchio, Cong Bang Huynh, Daniel Kious, The branching-ruin number as critical parameter of random processes on trees,

2018/10/23 : Nicolas FRILET

Ahmed Sid-Ali, Khader Khadraoui, Asymptotic adaptive threshold for connectivity in a random geometric social network,

2018/11/06 : Alejandro RIVERA

Franz Aurzada, Marvin Kettner, Persistence exponents via perturbation theory: AR(1)-processes,

2018/11/13 : Romain DURAND

Alexander Glazman, Ioan Manolescu, Exponential decay in the loop $O(n)$ model: $n>1$, $x<1/\sqrt{3}+\varepsilon(n)$,

2018/11/20 : Nicolas FRILET

Ludovic Stephan, Laurent Massoulié, Robustness of spectral methods for community detection,

2018/11/27 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Julien Brémont, Random walk in a stratified independent random environment,

2018/12/04 : Guest star, Hervé PAJOT

Archives — 2017–2018

2017/09/25 : Nicolas FRILET

Tom Hutchcroft, The Hammersley-Welsh bound for self-avoiding walk revisited,

2017/10/6 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Antonio Auffinger, Dylan Cable, Pemantle’s min-plus binary tree,

2017/10/13 : Romain DURAND

Alves, Hilário, de Lima and Valesin, A note on truncated long-range percolation with heavy tails on oriented graphs,

2017/10/20 : Alejandro RIVERA

Mackey and Zhan, Multipoint Estimates for Radial and Whole-plane SLE,

2017/10/27 : Renaud RAQUEPAS

Mihail Bazhba, Jose Blanchet, Chang-Han Rhee, Bert Zwart, Sample-path large deviations for Lévy processes,

2017/11/03 : relâche

2017/11/10 : Nicolas FRILET

Ewain Gwynne, Nina Holden, Xin Sun, A mating-of-trees approach to graph distances in random planar maps,

2017/11/17 : Romain DURAND

Julian Gold, Isoperimetry in supercritical bond percolation in dimensions three and higher,

2017/11/24 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Jérémie Bettinelli, Convergence of uniform noncrossing partitions toward the Brownian triangulation,

2017/12/01 : Alejandro RIVERA

François Bienvenu, Positive association of the oriented percolation cluster in randomly oriented graphs,

2017/12/08 : Renaud RAQUEPAS

Laure Dumaz, Cyril Labbé, Localization of the continuous Anderson Hamiltonian in 1-D,

(relâche jusqu'en 2018, joyeuses fêtes)

2018/01/23 : Nicolas FRILET

Gabor Lugosi, Alan S. Pereira, Finding the seed of uniform attachment trees,

2018/01/30 : Romain DURAND

Fabio Martinelli, Robert Morris, Cristina Toninelli, On the infection time of kinetically constrained models: universality in two dimensions,

2018/02/06 : Renaud RAQUEPAS

Davit Martirosyan, Vahagn Nersesyan, Multiplicative ergodic theorem for a non-irreducible random dynamical system,

2018/02/13 : Nicolas FRILET

Noah Forman, Soumik Pal, Douglas Rizzolo, Matthias Winkel, Projections of the Aldous chain on binary trees: Intertwining and consistency,

2018/02/27 : Romain DURAND

Sunil Chhita, Fabio Lucio Toninelli, A (2+1)-dimensional Anisotropic KPZ growth model with a rigid phase,

2018/03/06 : pause faute de combattants

2018/03/13 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Jean-Baptiste Gouéré, Marie Théret, Equivalence of some subcritical properties in continuum percolation,

2018/03/20 : Renaud RAQUEPAS

Armen Shirikyan, Controllability implies mixing II. Convergence in the dual-Lipschitz metric,

2018/03/27 : Nicolas FRILET

Olle Häggström, Timo Hirscher, Water transport on infinite graphs,

2018/04/03 : Romain DURAND

Sébastien Martineau, Franco Severo, Strict monotonicity of $p_c$ under covering maps,

2018/04/10 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Krzysztof Zajkowski, On Bernstein-type estimates for chaoses in dependent random vectors,

2018/04/17 : interruption pédagogique

2018/04/24 : Renaud RAQUEPAS

Max Fathi, Stein kernels and moment maps,

2018/05/01 : interruption annuelle

2018/05/08 : interruption exceptionnelle

2018/05/15 : Alejandro RIVERA

Zhan Shi, Vladas Sidoravicius, He Song, Longmin Wang, Kainan Xiang, Uniform spanning forests associated with biased random walks on Euclidean lattices,

2018/05/22 : Nicolas FRILET

Kay Bogerd, Rui M. Castro, Remco van der Hofstad, Cliques in rank-1 random graphs: the role of inhomogeneity,

2018/05/29 : Romain DURAND

Margherita Disertori, Alessandro Giuliani, Ian Jauslin, Plate-nematic phase in three dimensions,

2018/06/05 : Cong Bang HUYNH

Debbie Burdinski, Shrey Gupta, Matthew Junge, The upper threshold in ballistic annihilation,

2018/06/12 : Nicolas FRILET

Christian Schmidt, Henry D. Pfister, Lenka Zdeborová, On Minimal Sets to Destroy the k-Core in Random Networks,