Welcome to my web page. Here, you will find a description of my past and current research (full list below), as well as pictures of mathematical objects and some notes on simulations.


I am a directeur de recherche at the math department of ENS Lyon (moving to the Institut Fourier in Grenoble in September), and a member of the probability team. My main research interest is in statistical physics, especially the study of critical phenomena in two dimensions. I spent most of the academic years 2013-2015 in Bonn, Germany (at the Max-Planck Institut and then the Hausdorff Center).

Images and simulations

During my PhD and since then, I produced quite a few pictures of various two- dimensional objects, especially of SLE processes. Some of them can be found here, and a few comments about the programs used to generate them are gathered here (I am planning to set up separate pages for a few of the programs, which will be linked from there as well).


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